Machine Learning &
Deep Learning Solutions

We utilize machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence
to help businesses think, predict & act.

Model Development

We have created an in-house LMS System that is currently being utilized by teachers across various primary schools in Vietnam to effectively deliver our STEAM curriculum.


We offer the solution based on your problem, your data and your desire by customizing multiples tools and providing an easy-to-apply system for your education business.

Data Securtiy

We master the platform with multiple data defender by protecting digital information from unauthorized access, corruption or theft throughout its entire lifecycle.

Administrative Assignment Functionality

One of the most useful features is the ability to assign different user roles on 3 main user types: An administrator, An author and A user or a learner.

Tracking And Course Overview

We customize all tools to the system for making it possible to track training progress and course overview for users with detailed suitable reports.

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